Five Division 2 Tips to Help You Get Started

The Division 2 has the majority of the features added to the original game over its three year lifespan available at launch, making it one of the most content-rich looter shooters on the market. There’s a lot to take in and a lot to learn, so we’re here to give you some pointers to aid you in your fight to take back D.C.

Check everywhere for loot

The Division 2 isn’t stingy when it comes to loot drops. It’s quite the opposite, actually. D.C. isn’t only littered with trash, but also loot. A good chunk of the crates, backpacks, and bags you come across can be searched for weapons and resources. Make sure to check alleyways and garages for any tucked way caches, and shoot any locks standing between you and a chest. Even if you only get resources like food or water, it adds up.

Do your projects

Settlements like the Theater, which you encounter very early in the game, provide you with optional projects. These projects require you to donate a mixture of gear and resources in order to improve the settlement. The rewards are incredibly useful, ranging from XP to blueprints to bounties. Be sure to hang onto spare weapons and armor just in case you need to donate them. Junk items can be donated, too, so see your projects officer before dismantling any unwanted pieces of gear.

Weapon skins can only be applied to certain rarities

Being a game centered around loot, it’s only natural you’d want to customize your gear to better suit your style. Unfortunately, weapon skins cannot be applied to white and green rarity guns. The same goes for armor and dyes. Only blue gear and above can be personalized, so those of you with special skins from pre-orders or the Ubisoft Club will have to wait a while. Once you’ve acquired a blue item, you can personalize it in the mod menu.

Optimize your perk selection

There are a vast array of perks to choose from in The Division 2, but there’s only so much SHD Tech to spend in the opening hours. Your first batch of SHD Tech should go directly into the Accolade perks, which provide you with more XP for headshots, killing multiple enemies at the same time, destroying weakpoints, and the like. This will speed up your progression and earn you field proficiency caches at a faster rate. After unlocking the Accolade perks, unlock the Field Proficiency Cache perk, which gives you a 50% chance to receive a bonus item when opening a Field Proficiency Cache. Lastly, make sure to pick up the Deconstruction perks, which give you extra materials when deconstructing gear. After investing in these three perks, spend your SHD Tech however you like, but we recommend upping your inventory space and unlocking attachments.

Reload during cover transitions

Enemies in The Division 2 take more than a couple bullets to go down, so you’ll find yourself reloading quite often. It’s not hard to find yourself in a bad spot, out of ammo and being rushed down by a melee enemy. You can reload your weapon while transitioning from cover to cover, so be sure to top off your ammo count while you move to a more strategic location. A full magazine and ideal positioning can mean the difference between life or death in The Division 2, so why not cover all your bases at the same time?

The Division 2 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Author: Diego Perez

Diego Perez is a freelance writer based in Arlington, Texas. Although he's working toward a degree in Telecommunication Media Studies at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, Diego spends his free time playing and writing about games. He's been writing about games for over two years at this point, and his work has been published at websites like The Outerhaven and Attack of the Fanboy. When he's not playing games, he's talking about games, and Diego does both a lot.

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