Latest Fallout 76 Patch Reintroduces Previously Fixed Bugs

Bethesda just can’t seem to catch a break.

Fallout 76 was easily the biggest letdown of last year. Critics hated it, and we weren’t too fond of it either, criticizing its lack of sorely needed direction as well as the technical faults under the hood.

One of many criticisms of Fallout 76 at launch was the weight of bobby pins. Bobby pins in Fallout are really handy. They unlock locked doors and safes that contain precious loot, caps, and stimpaks. Nobody’s ever upset if they search a container and find bobby pins. It helps that they’re incredibly light, too, only weighing in at 0.001 pounds. Or at least, they should weigh that much.

At launch, bobby pins originally weighed a ridiculous 0.1 pounds, which adds up when players are carrying around 50+ bobby pins. Bethesda patched the game to fix the weight of the bobby pins, among other things, a while ago, but after yesterday’s Patch 5, bobby pins are a lot heavier again. Another glitch where enemies take no damage from attacks has seemingly returned as well. Not only that, but some posts on the game’s subreddit have pointed out that item duplication has returned, and there are a bevy of new listings on Ebay for rare duplicated items. Certain perk cards like Demolition Expert were also nerfed, and some players who have invested heavily in these skills feel like they’re at a disadvantage. Overall, people aren’t too pleased with this new update.

While the weight of bobby pins isn’t exactly game-breaking, it’s a small misstep following a long series of blunders that doesn’t look to be ending anytime soon. Yes, as games get larger and more complicated, bugs are to be expected, but Fallout 76’s especially troubled development seems like some kind of cruel joke. People with higher framerates could move at super speed, power armor turned players into hulking, naked monsters, players found a developer room containing a multitude of items, and now the latest patch undid some of the fixes of the last patch.

It’s never good news with Fallout 76, is it?

What are your thoughts on the many missteps with Fallout 76? Is the game too far gone, or is there still a chance to save its reputation? Be sure to let us know down below, and follow us on Twitter for quick and easy updates.

Author: Diego Perez

Diego Perez is a freelance writer based in Arlington, Texas. Although he's working toward a degree in Telecommunication Media Studies at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, Diego spends his free time playing and writing about games. He's been writing about games for over two years at this point, and his work has been published at websites like The Outerhaven and Attack of the Fanboy. When he's not playing games, he's talking about games, and Diego does both a lot.

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