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You Can Finally Earn This Achievement After Five Years

2013’s indie smash hit The Stanley Parable has some awesome achievements.

One of which is called “Unachievable” is exactly what it sounds like. You can’t get it. There is no way to earn this achievement. Nothing in the game triggers it. Another, entitled “Commitment” requires you to play The Stanley Parable for an entire Tuesday. Yep, the whole 24 hours. “Go Outside” is the achievement everyone’s talking about today, because today is the first day you can legitimately earn it.

To get “Go Outside” you have to not play The Stanley Parable for 5 years. The Stanley Parable released on Steam on October 17, 2013, exactly 5 years ago today. So, if you played it on release day and haven’t touched it since, you can start it up and earn this incredibly rare achievement.

Of course, Steam achievements are incredibly easy to cheat, which explains why 7% of all Stanley Parable players already had “Go Outside”, even though the game just turned 5 today. It also explains why 4.4% of players had achieved “Unachievable”, the achievement that should be impossible to get. Ignoring cheating though, today marks the first day “Go Outside” is able to be obtained legitimately.

It truly is a momentous day in gaming history.



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